No Hands SEO review

The vision of a tool which could produce a continuous stream of automated backlinks to your various online properties is the Holy Grail of online marketing.

I’ve seen a number of products which promise just that, but I have yet to see one which actually delivers. No Hands SEO is yet another contender in this field, but will it live up to its promises? Will it deliver backlinks steadily and with good quality? Let’s find out in our video review.

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How to use microformats to enrich your SERP snippets

People often look at search engine optimization as if it was all about positions in the SERPs and nothing more. True, you have to be at the top, but microformats could give you (almost an unfair) advantage over your competition with just a little bit of work.
Microformats? What are you talking about? Well, read more to find out.

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W3 Total Cache JavaScript minification troubleshooting

W3 Total Cache is a really popular caching plugin for Wordpress. It’s easy to set up, and using default settings you can significantly boost your site’s performance.

Unfortunately, there is one common issue with the default JavaScript compression settings when you have several other plugins installed – it breaks js!

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Review of Instant Article Wizard 3.0

If you’re an online publisher, you probably need a lot of fresh content, especially if you run a network of niche sites. Instant Article Wizard 3.0 strives to be a solution to this challenge. It’s best described as an automated subject research tool which can automatically collect large database of snippets and generate articles automatically. Does it work?

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Review of The Best Spinner 3

If you need to build high-quality links, you definitely need a lot of quality content, as cheaply as possible. Spinning has been an answer to this challenge for a while, and today I’m reviewing one of the best spinners on the market – The Best Spinner.

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PicturePaste – a brilliant time-saver

When running blogs like this one, I spend more time than I wish I would, doing screen captures. Even though WordPress is pretty streamlined, adding images still takes too long, basically because I can’t just drag & drop them. But I’ve recently came across PicturePaste, a brilliant little tool that makes it so much easier that now I actually want to add even more images to blog posts.

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Review of Canvas theme from WooThemes

WooThemes is a premium WordPress themes shop, best known for their high quality and visually attractive designs.

With Canvas, the company decided to do something different. Instead of focusing on the visuals, WooThemes created a theme which incorporates enormous power on the inside, but it is up to the user to make the best use of it.

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CommentLuv Premium now rocking on Uprankers

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve just installed the CommentLuv Premium plugin on this blog. What does it mean for your? Well, when you leave high-quality comments and add your blog’s URL, CommentLuv will automatically grab your latest post and link to it with a title. However, it gets better. Find out how!

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Spin Rewriter logo

Spin Rewriter review

Spin Rewriter is the youngest kid among article rewriting tools. Even though it has just been born, it is taking on the competition with a very strong claim it boasts prominently on its site: Spin Rewriter is 20 years ahead of its Competition!

In view of the fact that the competition, such as The Best Spinner or Spinnerchief, is well established and mature, one really needs strong arguments to back such claims up. So, does SpinRewriter deliver on its promise? Let’s find out.

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Combine Market Samurai with Scrapebox to find more keywords

arket Samurai is still the go-to tool for most of us when it comes to keyword research. While based on a freely accessible source for its data (the Google Keyword Tool), it boasts a powerful set of features like its own network of proxy servers, good filtering capabilities and extensive analysis functions.
However, I’ve recently decided [...]

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