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Even though I’ve seen the power of Twitter and social media marketing, I’ve never really had enough self-determination to make the “organic” work required to gain some solid following. I bet I’m not the only one, and with such people in mind, a number of Twitter automation tools have been developed, Tweet Adder 3.0 being a premier one among them. I’ve taken it for a ride to see what’s in it for me, and for you.

TweetAdder – how it works

Tweet Adder overview

In the overview screen, you get a quick glance on all your accounts and basic stats.

The basic principle that Tweet Adder builds upon is: follow enough people and at least some should follow you back. If not, just unfollow them and follow some more. Simple enough that one could do it by hand, but it also lends itself perfectly for automation.

Tweet Adder does just that – it automates all the mundane tasks of searching people to follow, actually following them and unfollowing on schedule. It also adds some bells and whistles to make your Twitter marketing more effective.

Find people to follow in Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder tweet search

Tweet Search module is one of the several ways to build your "to follow" list.

This is the area where Tweet Adder really shines, giving every possible option to find targeted audience. There are several modules, and with a combination of a few of them, you can implement almost any strategy imaginable. All modules add Twitter users to a master “To Follow List” which serves as an input for following/unfollowing users. The modules are:

  • Tweet Search
  • Profile Data Search
  • Location Search
  • Followers of a User
  • Followed by a User
  • Twitter Lists

I use mainly tweet search, profile data search and followers of a user.

With tweet search, you simply specify some keywords that should appear in the tweets of other users. Optionally, you can add location and recency of tweets (in days).  Tweet search can be set on auto-pilot. As soon as the “To Follow List” runs of out IDs to follow, tweet search will fetch more users automatically.

Profile data search is useful if you want even more targeted audience. Usually, if someone mentions their interest in the profile field, it has more weight than just simply mentioning the same keyword in a tweet.

There are also some useful filtering options, like the number of followers and following, number of updates, excluding IDs with default profile images, or excluding/including IDs with a website field set. You can use those to quickly eliminate many obvious bot accounts, for example without a profile image and with a high following to followers ratio. Just keep in mind that profile data search is based on a cached version of the Twitter database, and some results might be off.

Followers of a user is a powerful feature that I particularly enjoy. In every industry, there are some people with a celebrity / guru status who get massive Twitter following. Not only massive, but also targeted.  Taking SEO as an example, people following Matt Cutts will most likely be interested in SEO. Tweet Adder can generate a “To Follow List” by scraping the followers of other Twitter users you indicate.

Follow and unfollow Twitter users

Tweet Adder follow module

The key part of Tweet Adder where you define your follow/unfollow schedule.

This feature is the essence of Tweet Adder. You build a list of users to follow, and then let Tweet Adder do its magic.

You have two options – blast your list all at once or put Tweet  Adder on autopilot and let it work on schedule.

Blasting all at once is not a recommended way and you risk getting your account banned if you follow too many users to quickly. However, I tested blasts of around 400 IDs and nothing bad happened. Still, I would not recommend using this feature on any developed Twitter account that you care about. Try it on new accounts which you can risk losing.

I use the “Automation On” mode. Tweet Adder will follow the predefined number of users every day. Twitter allows up to 1000 follows per day, I’ve tested adding up to 600 users per day without any negative consequences.

Here’s a very important feature of Tweet Adder, one of its main strenghts. It does not use the official API to interact with Twitter. Instead, it logs into the web interface, identifying itself as a regular browser, pretending that it’s actually you who is doing all the work. As the API has some tough restrictions, this is a major selling point. Tweet Adder is updated every time the web interface changes, so it keeps working smoothly.

Tweet Adder constantly monitors users who follow you back. If they fail to do so within a predefined period (3 days by default), it will simply unfollow them, making room for following more new users.

It’s very important because Twitter limits the number of users you can follow. As soon as you follow 2000 people, you will not be able to add more until your follower count gets to a similar level.

Tweet Adder can also follow back, meaning that if someone follows you first, you will follow that person back automatically.

Statistics and results

The obvious question is: does this method work? And the short answer is: yes (altough with some reservations – see below). Using Tweet Adder, I was able to gain more than 300 followers for this site in just a few days, and I’m gaining new ones every day.

What I really enjoy about Tweet Adder is how smooth this software actually works. I have many SEO tools and often they are poorly coded, crashing a lot. Tweet Adder is different – it’s fast, rock-solid and consumes very little resources. I keep it on all the time, and it consumes just about 20 MB of memory. It sits quietly in the tray, doing its work, and I honestly forget it’s even there.

C&C or conversations and conversions

This is the area that I have some serious reservations about. Tweet Adder is technically very sound and it does its job in the background so smoothly you will easily forget it is even there.

However, there are some problems when it comes to the quality of the interactions, and Twitter originally was all about interactions. First of all, you really have no idea who you’re following when you proceed in the thousands. Whatever criteria you use, you still follow people (if they are people at all) based on very little information you have about them. And your stream immediately becomes flooded with messages, so you generally tend to completely ignore it.

You will also get tons of automated direct messages, so you quickly learn to ignore DMs as well. And then, many of the people who follow you back, do so only because they’re also using some Twitter automation software, Tweet Adder or similar, and as soon as you follow them, they will return the favor automatically.

As a result, you’re following many people, you have an impressive number of followers, but in fact, you have no interactions – few people are actually reading what you have to say, and you couldn’t care less about what they are saying/promoting.

However, please keep one thing in mind: my tests so far have been limited to the SEO niche, i.e. people who are into the SEO game. They are often well-aware of such tool. You may get a much different picture in different niches, for example if you have a cooking blog, a fishing blog or if you want to connect to FC Barcelona fans.

Other notable features of Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder tweets list

With Tweet Adder, you can also automate posting new tweets.

Tweet Adder automates not only the follow/unfollow process, but also actually adding content to your account. It can:

  • post tweets from a list
  • post spun tweets
  • post tweets from RSS feeds
  • re-tweet other people according to your specification
  • post random replies to people who mention you in their tweets.

This enables a complete set-it-and-forget-it automation. Just load your list of tweets, optionally with spin syntax, add some users in the re-tweet module, and you’re good to go. Your account will work for you 24/h without you doing any more work.

Tweet Adder also supports proxies. This is extremely important if you manage more than one or two accounts. With proxies, it will appear as though there are different users connecting from different parts of the world. However, keep in mind that free proxies are not very useful with Twitter. If you’re serious about your online business, I would recommend

What can you use Tweet Adder for?

I see you asking: is this guy stupid? To get more followers, what else?

Well, you should then ask yourself: what are these followers good for? Not so easy? Ok, let me help you:

  • If you’re not in the Internet Marketing niche, you can probably engage in some meaningful conversations with similarly-minded people. But if you’re into SEO/IM stuff, you will mostly talk to other bots :-) .
  • Getting followers may do wonders to your SEO. Your links will be retweeted, often automatically. Google will discover your content sooner, and the links will improve your rankings (unless you use URL shortening services).
  • You may use Tweet Adder to obtain a social proof – get an initial group of followers who will encourage others to follow you. Most people are more willing to follow people who already have a following. Tweet Adder helps you gain the initial momentum, the critical mass.

Is anything missing?

Tweet Adder 3.0 appears to a be a complete solution but there are two features which are missing, and which would make it the ultimate choice for Twitter automation.

First, there’s no built-in Twitter account creator. That would be a killer feature.

Second, there’s no “wait-and-reply” feature where you define certain keywords and let your application send targeted replies to users as soon as they mention them. So, for example, you would define “WordPress theme customization” as your keyword, and whenever someone mentioned that, your application would send them a message offering your services. This feature is offered by a competing product, called TweetAttacks, that I’m going to review soon.

Tweet Adder – licensing

If you want to purchase Tweet Adder, you have several options – the only difference being the number of Twitter profiles that you can manage within the software:

  • a $55 license for 1 profile
  • $74 for 5 profiles
  • $110 for 10 profiles
  • $188 for unlimited profiles

I believe that for many people, the $74 version will be adequate, but if you’re serious about building your online business, the unlimited license may be a better fit. Keep in mind though that you can upgrade to a higher license at any time, so if you’re not sure about your exact needs, start with a cheaper option. What I really like about this software is that you get a lifetime license with free upgrades. What I like even more is that there actually are timely updates which keep the software working whenever something changes at Twitter. I have nothing to complain about in this department.


Technically, Tweet Adder is an extremely reliable tool. It also delivers on its promise – you will gain followers automatically. But keep in mind that you will still have to do some work to make sure that your followers actually interact with you, unless you simply want to impress with statistics.

If you’re after a Twitter automation tool, Tweet Adder gets my top recommendationbuy it today (and no, it’s not an affiliate link).

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  1. Mark D Worthen
    April 1, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Thank you for a very balanced and informative review. Yours was literally the 6th review I read and the first one that was not an affiliate-driven marketing promo for the product! Consequently, I added you on Twitter, tweeted this post, and 1+’ed the post. Honest reviews are so rare these days, particularly in the Internet marketing sphere.

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