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Spin Rewriter is the youngest kid among article rewriting tools.  Even though it has just been born, it is taking on the competition with a very strong claim it boasts prominently on its site:

Spin Rewriter is 20 years ahead of its Competition!

In view of the fact that the competition, such as The Best Spinner or Spinnerchief, is well established and mature, one really needs strong arguments to back such claims up. So, does SpinRewriter deliver on its promise? Let’s find out.

How Spin Rewriter works?

With Spin Rewriter, there’s nothing to download. The application works entirely in you browser. As long as your subscription is valid, you can just login at the site, and have the latest version available. This is an immediate benefit, as you don’t have to worry about product updates, and you can use the service from any computer.

Spin Rewriter is also a crowd-sourced application, just as the other premium spinners are. It means that while it already comes with a powerful collection of 750,000+ synonyms, it will get better as more users join and start using the tool. The software learns new synonyms, and learns how to best use them.

Actually, the context-awareness is marketed as the strongest unique advantage of Spin Rewriter. Apparently, it understands that the same word, in various contexts, can have completely different meanings, and requires a different set of synonyms.

However, (high-quality) rewriting is a rather intensive task, and good editing features provided by desktop software are more than welcome. Can Spin Rewriter match them? Let me walk you through the process.

1. How to start rewriting

Spin Rewriter has a neat navigation menu which allows you to access the rewriting tools as well as your archived articles. After clicking “Rewrite your Articles!”, you’re presented with a text box to paste your article to rewrite. When you paste your content and click “Start the Rewriting Process!”, you’ll have to wait a while while your article is being processed. Spin Rewriter is accessing its database to look for synonyms, but taking into account the actual meaning of your article. If done right, this could be a huge benefit.

Spin Rewriting is analysing the article

2. Rewriting with Spin Rewriter

It is a fairly straightforward process, although not without some glitches.

Editing with Spin Rewriter

Words in green have synonyms available. Underlined phrases have synonyms for entire phrases.

When you click on a word, a popup with synonyms appears:

Synonyms popup

Please notice two features I’ve highlighted with red cirles.

  • Context selection – Spin Rewriter tries to detect the correct meaning of your word, but you can switch meanings to get another set of synonyms.
  • Three shortcuts, available as “T”, “A” and “R” buttons. The “T” button automatically adds the best synonyms, “A” adds all synonyms”, and “R” replaces all occurences of the current word with the selected synonyms.

You can quickly navigate between words by clicking Shift+A and Shift+S.

The database synonyms for single words is impressive, so you will easily find a lot of options. However, I feel it is still not up to The Best Spinner standard when it comes to synonyms for entire phrases.

More features

Spin Rewriter already has a handful of cool little features to make your life as a user easier:

  • Support for virtually any spin syntax
  • Quick edit mode
  • Encrypted archive of spun articles

Support for various spin syntax

Spintax format selectionThis is extremely convenient, as various article distribution services or tools require different syntax to work with. With Spin Rewriter, it is a matter of just one click to convert from one syntax to another. Generally, you will find that every possible syntax is supported.

Quick edit mode

In this mode, the less important parts of your article are hidden behind a semi-transparent overlay, and your focus is solely on the word/phrase that you’re currently working on. You can jump forward and  backward, quickly editing your article. It’s best explained by a screenshot:

Fast mode editing

Encrypted archive

Once spun, your articles are always available for reuse in an encrypted archive. That’s another convenient feature – you no longer have to email yourself the articles for later use if you’re working on several computers.

The results

First, let’s compare one-click rewriting in the Spin Rewriter to a similar feature in The Best Spinner. I took my sample article for a spin, and below are the first few sentences both programs came up with.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter was set to “use suggestions that you believe are correct (recommended)”. It took about 3 minutes to generate a spun version of the article.

Artice spun with one-click rewriting

You will immediately notice a few things:

  • It is not terribly bad, for an autospun article…
  • But this is because it is not spun that much at all!
  • Many phrases are left untouched

Ok, let’s verify our initial impressions.

The resulting article, when pasted to The Best Spinner, is only 28% unique.

Not good. Usually, you will need at least 50% for your articles to be useful for link-builiding. TBS has a nifty feature – it can generate a number of articles from the same spun source, and show how unique different versions are. So, let’s have a look:

Uniqueness with Spin Rewriter

Ok, so it’s clear that Spin Rewriter is not for those of you who want to generate garbage spun content. Less pollution on the web may be good, after all. We should really focus on quality rewriting.

But nevertheless, let’s see what The Best Spinner came up with.

The Best Spinner

Here’s the version spun with TBS:

Spun with the TBS

Honestly, for me it does not read any worse than the Spin Rewriter version. And it is much more unique, just have a look:

Uniqueness with The Best Spinner

What I don’t like

Spin Rewriter shows some usability issues right now. For example, the Shift+A and Shift+S shortcuts to navigate between words don’t always work reliably, and when I select complete sentences or paragraphs, the spin popup does not show at all. Without paragraph- and sentence-level spinning, it is difficult to achieve the desired results.

Besides, even though Spin Rewriter has a very nifty shortcut to only select the best synonyms automatically, right now you will only see a message that ‘Spin Rewriter is still evaluating these synonyms, and you’ll have to pick them manually.

Keep in mind that Spin Rewriter is a brand new tool, so these may very well be just some infancy problems, soon to be eliminated.


You can try Spin Rewriter completely risk free, as there is a 5-day free trial. So, just sign up for an account to find out if Spin Rewriter will work for you.

As of now, the Spin Rewriter is having a launch promotion. You can lock in your subscription at $13.50 per month or $98.50 per year (which comes down to just above $8 per month).


At this moment, I would not use Spin Rewriter as my primary tool. It is simply not mature enough, and there are some kinks, especially in terms of usability, which slow me down.

Additionally, the context recognition is still not as powerful as I would like it to see. It is more of a promise of things to come than something truly usable.

However, the approach is novel, and the people behind Spin Rewriter are clearly determined to make it a perfect tool for spinners. If they maintain the momentum and gain enough users, SR may soon turn into a top product – it definitely shows the potential.

As such, I intend to revisit it in a few weeks and update this review accordingly.

But, with a free trial, you don’t risk absolutely anything – you have five days to take Spin Rewriter for a spin. So, I urge to give it a shot – this may soon become a mandatory service for every Internet Marketer.

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I'm passionate about technology, especially SEO. I love how fast-paced this environment is. I also love numbers, finding hidden gems in statistics, and coming with unexpected solutions to typical problems.

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  1. Benjie November 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    When did you just tried this Sir?

    My Boss was thinking of buying this as TBS is really not good.. Most auto spin is garbage, specially the numbers, they change it to number word. Even on the best level. Maybe im not using TBS the right way.

    Your kind of not impressed with Spin Rewriter. I guess, i should tell my Boss to just get the 5 day free trial first as my wife will be using it for manual spinning. Lets see if it is really good as advertised.
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