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Have you every used complex tools like Market Samurai to do competition research? I have, and I still do actually. And yet, I very often ¬†need just some basic stats, but I need them quick, like… right now. Just to get an overview of what kind of competition I am facing. In such situation, SeoQuake, available for both Chrome and Firefox, is your best bet.

SeoQuake (sometimes spelled Seo Quake) is a free extension/plugin for Firefox and Chrome which gives you loads of statistical information right there where it matters – directly on Google result pages, and on pages that you want to analyze.

To activate SeoQuake, you simply click an icon in a corner of the browser window. Until you do, SeoQuake sits quietly, not interfering with your browsing in any way.

SeoQuake on SERP pages in Google

When activated, SeoQuake adds a toolbar over each result.

The toolbar contains a number of SEO parameters, such as PageRank, number of incoming links (to domain and specific page), number of indexed pages, domain age, sitemap information and more.

The list of parameters is actually configurable and very long – SeoQuake can source information from many different search engines, including Baidu (from China) or Yandex (from Russia), and many different competitive research services, such as or SeoQuake’s own SEMRush.

SeoQuake toolbar

SeoQuake toolbar in SERPs

There are many little but very convenient features. First of all, with SeoQuake, search results become sortable. So, if you want to rank results by PageRank or number of incoming links or any other paramter, you simply click a sort arrow.

There is also a dropdown which is extremely useful for people living outside of the US, but targeting the US market – you can quickly set any language of the Google interface, and specify any country code for the results. This allows you to see results as they would be presented to someone living in the US (or any other country, for that matter). The same can be achieved by manually adding strings to the query URL, but with SeoQuake, it’s much easier.

All results can be either saved to a new file or appended to an existing one, so you can conduct a pretty comprehensive research and store the results for future reference.

SeoQuake on target pages

You can get even more data when you move to a specific page. SeoQuake shows a floating toolbar which gives you access to wealth of information. Apart from the same parameters which are available on SERP pages, some of the most useful statistics include:

  • ¬†Keyword density
  • Link counts (external, internal, )
  • General summary

Keyword density reports, in the way they are laid out by SeoQuake, are very useful for a number of reasons.

First of all, when doing competitive research, it is an excellent way to discover the phrases that your competitors are targeting. It is also a good way to find some phrases which you could include in your own content to generate even more possible search combinations leading to your page.

SeoQuake shows tables of single word keywords, as well as 2-, 3- and 4-word phrases; it reports how often they occurred in the content and whether they appeared in the title tag, meta keywords or meta description. There is also a keyword cloud which shows a nice visualization of the most frequently used words. You can also filter the reports to only show keywords which include a specific word.

Keyword density reports are also useful for analyzing your own content to ensure that your target keywords are prominent enough. What I’ve found out is that sometimes, even if you remember to properly add keywords to your article, the remaining content of the site (navbars, navigation menus, footers, etc.) can really dilute your keywords, so you end up with a lot of non-related garbage. SeoQuake helps me clean up my sites.

A Swiss army knife

As you can see, SeoQuake is indeed a powerful tool, and available at the unbeatable price of free. Try it, and you will quickly discover that it is an absolutely indispensable tool for quick, but still impressively thorough research.

I use it especially often when I’m working on my review sites, when I check competition for different product names. I usually need to check a single product name or 2-3 variations of that name – firing up Market Samurat is simply too slow – with SeoQuake, I get results instantaneously. Therefore, I fully recommend that you download SeoQuake addon right now.

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