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Yes, I admit, I am late to reviewing The Best Spinner 3. It is the software that has been around for a while, has survived through several iterations and is well-loved by many. Yet, I am sure there are still many people who have yet not taken the plunge, are considering various other options, or are even unaware of the power that comes with proper content spinning.

If you happen to be in one of the groups mentioned above, I encourage you to read my detailed, unbiased and honest review of the software – hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of what it is capable of.

How The Best Spinner 3 works

The Best Spinner 3 (TBS) is arguably the best-known content spinning software.


Content spinning is a process where you develop your content using a special syntax for synonyms at the word / phrase / sentence / paragraph level. This allows you to get a different version of your copy each time you “unspin” your content. Great to beat the duplicate penalty imposed by Google.

Here’s a sample:

{Content|Article} {spinning|rewriting} {is|happens to be} {a great|a fantastic} {way|method} to {avoid|prevent} the {duplicate content problem | issue of not unique content}.

From a single sentence, you can get many variants, i.e.:

Article rewriting is a great way to avoid the duplicate content problem.


Content spinning happens to be a fantastic method to prevent the issue of not unique content.

You should see the point by know. It’s all about unique content and reusability – a well-spun article may be used even hundreds of times safely.

As powerful as it is, writing this way can quickly become tedious beyond despair, unless you’re smart enough to use proper tools.

TBS happens to be one of the best tools in the market (I did it, I’ve revealed my opinion upfront…) to help you with content spinning. Depending on how lazy or how committed you’re, TBS can be run on full auto, or can proficiently aid you in manual rewriting.

The unique selling proposition of TBS always has been the fact that it is a distributed system.

While you get a desktop app to install, it immediately connects to a central server to download the synonyms database which can be edited by all registered users of the system, adding more and more choices, synonyms and phrases, ultimately making the system more powerful for everyone.

Yes, this feature has now been copied by a number of competitors, but due to its huge user base, TBS remains – in my opinion – firmly in the leader’s seat.

Now, when you have an idea of what TBS is all about, let’s dive into its ¬†spinning features. There are so many approaches here that you’ll surely find one which works for you.

Complete automation

imageIf you’re lazy, you can completely automate your workflow. It takes just a a single click with Replace Everyone’s Favorites to prepare a completely spun article, using a public database of synonyms.

You have some options at your disposal here, namely the expected quality (Good, Better, Best), the number of synonyms or the option to either keep or delete the original words found in the article.


The result of using Replace Everyone’s Favorites is an article in the spintax format.


Keep in mind – the complete automation is at the expense of quality. Especially if you try the “Good” quality option, the outcome can be quite gibberish.¬†

Generally, if there’s a chance that your articles will be moderated by humans, you cannot rely on this option. However, it has its purpose, for example to generate comments for Scrapebox, or to post articles to some low-quality tier-3 article directories with auto-accept turned on.

imageIf you only need a single, unique copy of an article sourced for example from a PLR set, you can use Auto Rewrite. It will simply replace some of the words and phrases with synonyms, using relatively safe settings, so your copy should remain readable. Keep in mind, this feature works best for pretty generic, plain articles without specialized terminology or complex stylistic figures.

This is where TBS really shines. I estimate that it can accelerate manual rewriting at least 10 times, if not more. You just tab through words and phrases, and on each stop, TBS shows you a popup with a list of possible synonyms. You can rapidly add only those which make sense in a particular context. CPU power combined with a little brain power can produce fantastic results – highly spun articles which will pass Copyscape and manual moderation.

TBS offers several “views” for manual rewriting to accommodate for different preferences. Instead of simply tabbing through words, you can also switch to the “EasySpin” view which shows the available synonyms for all the words at once.


It also has editing fields for sentence and paragraph spinning. These two are actually extremely powerful – with Google getting smarter at detecting duplicate content, you need to also work on the structure of your articles – varying the length and formatting of sentences / paragraphs, changing the number of paragraphs, etc.


More Features

The Best Spinner is so feature-rich that one could write a full-length ebook. Below, I’m just scratching the surface with some of the highlights.

Generate & Compare

The Generate & Compare feature, available from the Publish tab, is something I’m particularly fond of. When you use it, TBS will generate a defined number of articles from your source article, and compare them against each other, providing a percentage indicator of uniqueness. This allows you to immediately verify whether your article is unique enough to be used safely.


Even better, if you find a combination where the uniqueness ratio is too low, you can click the number to be immmediately presented with a visual comparison of the two versions, with duplicated content highlighted in yellow. This is the most effective feedback to tell you which parts of the article need even more spinning.


Content Generator

Also available in the Publish tab, Content Generator gives you a glimpse into yet another service provided by Jonathan Leger, It is a way to rapidly generate fresh content in one of several pre-defined categories, and with a word count of your choice. If you need fresh content for example to post to your Web 2.0 properties, with Content Generator you’re in luck. It may be best explained by a short video:

API for integration with other tools

Over the last few years, TBS has become almost synonymous with spinning. This position is reinforced by an API which you have access to as a registered user. Thanks to the API, many other tools can make use of the TBS power, including such well-known names as SenukeX or SEO Link Robot, to name just a few. As such, your return on the investment in TBS is multiplied every time you make use of any of these other tools.

Copyscape integration

TBS makes a good use of the API offered by Copyscape. If you have a premium Copyscape account, you can use this feature to verify if your spun articles are unique, directly from the TBS window.

The Results

TBS comes with excellent video tutorials which cover virtually every aspect of the software, including many advanced strategies, so you can quickly get up to speed.

When working with TBS, just keep in mind – this is not a tool to write content for your money sites. TBS is best used to quickly churn out a large amount of content to be used for baclinking purposes. Your links are most powerful when they are in-context, and the content should be readable, but not necessarily Pulitzer-winning.

If you have a good strategy, TBS will become one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, making you almost unstoppable. If you’re lazy… well, you’ll still achieve something, but your returns will be greatly diminished.

What I don’t like

Honestly, it’s one of those rare cases where I have hard time coming up with things I don’t like. There are some very little quirks that sometimes are annoying:

  • TBS can get a bit sluggish when working on really huge articles (think Ultra Spinnable Articles).
  • Undo is sometimes unpredictable – it can undo much more than you would like.
However, I generally don’t even notice these little quirks in my everyday work, and Jonathan Leger with his team are very quick to remove any bugs as they are discovered.


As for the price, it’s a steal, really. I believe it’s beyond any debate. The time savings are so enormous that you can easily make up the price in a day or two.

Right now, The Best Spinner is offered for $77 per year, with a 7-day trial for $7.


Do I recommend The Best Spinner? You bet I do! It’s one of those few tools I use day in and day out, and my workflow would be that much less enjoyable without it. Besides, TBS is in constant development, and Jonathan Leger makes sure that it is always up to date with the latest developments in the SEO world. So…

Get The Best Spinner now!

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