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If you’re an online publisher, especially a solo publisher, you’re most certainly in need of fresh content in large amounts. It is especially true if you’re trying to maintain a network of niche sites dedicated to various subjects.

In my experience, it is often very difficult to write new articles consistently, especially if you’re in a given niche mostly for the money, not because you love it. If that’s the case, any solution which makes it easier to produce content, is helpful and desirable.

Instant Article Wizard 3.0 strives to be such a solution. It’s best described as an automated subject research tool which can automatically collect large database of snippets, and then either try to generate articles automatically, or help you write them manually, based on those snippets.

Instant Article Wizard main screen

How Instant Article Wizard works

The first step is to enter a seed keyword. When you hit “Research”, IAW will search content which includes your keyword, but it will search for content of particular type – articles, fact-rich pages.

It will also generate a list of related keywords and concepts, based on their occurrence in the pages it found.

IAW data sourcesBy default, IAW 3.0 is using Google for its search (it supports local Google versions), but there are many other data sources available, including:

  • Bing
  • ArticleBase
  • Google News
  • Google Scholar
  • etc.

Auto article writing

According to its sales page, the Auto-Create Content is one of the strongest selling points of Instant Article Wizard (as the name of the product should suggest). When you have your research ready, IAW will scan the results, intelligently looking for snippets and pieces of content which could form a readable article of desired length.


Well, it works… sort of.

Depending on your seed keyword selection, the results can be more than satisfying or quite mediocre. Sometimes, you will be forced to give up on the best quality settings and go for “more research” to get any results at all, but clearly at the expense of readability.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of adding more research. If no article is generated after the initial research, you can click the “Research” button several times to collect more pages. Sometimes, you may also change your seed keyword for the article generation tool.

In my example, “history of chess” was the seed phrase for research, but “chess” alone for article writing.

More Features

Instant Article Wizard has some interesting additional features worth mentioning.

Integration with The Best Spinner

Even if you don’t own The Best Spinner, you may benefit from its power, although to a limited extent. In the article editor, IAW can identify synonyms and replace your words or phrases with suggestions from TBS. However, you will not get an article in the spintax format, and you will not be able to choose from multiple synonyms. This feature is more like a single rewrite of an article to make it more unique.

Sentence reordering

In cases where IAW is able to come up with a decent article automatically, sentence order may still leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, IAW has a very convenient tool to reorder sentences without copying and pasting them.


Fact finder

This feature is actually cool, and I find I am using it more often than any other. You enter a seed keyword, and IAW scans all your research data to find sentences which are likely to be facts about your subject. You can select any such sentences and copy them to your article. It’s a fast and quick way to add more substance to your own writing.


The Results

As much as I like some other products by Jonathan Leger, especially his The Best Spinner, I really have mixed feelings about Instant Article Wizard.

In the promotional video, it is really impressive. In practice, however, it is more of a hit and miss. For certain subjects, IAW may work reasonably well, but for many others, the results will be of little use.

When trying to use the Auto Create Content feature, you will quickly notice that the software is unable to generate any content at all, especially if you select the “Aim for better quality” option. This is especially true for niches which are highly commercial, where top positions in search engine result pages are occupied by stores, comparison shopping engines etc.

It means that if you want to use Instant Article Wizard to quickly write a good article about your Canon Mark 5d, you may be out of luck.

What I don’t like

Apart from its hit and miss nature, Instant Article Wizard is not always as fast as I wish it would be. Especially if you need to use multiple sources to get enough data for IAW to generate reasonable content, you can expect to wait about 10 minutes for the research to complete.

Depending on how familiar you’re with your niche, it may sometimes be faster to simply write a new article from scratch than to use IAW to collect snippets, review them, spin them, etc.

However, if you’ve only scratched the surface of your niche, don’t know enough facts or the lingo, IAW will help you write your first articles.


As many other products offered by Jonathan Leger, Instant Article Wizard is offered for $77 per year, with a 7-day trial for $7.


If your budget is limited, Instant Article Wizard should not be your first purchase. It is an interesting attempt, and it has its merits, but it is not a magic wand, and you should not expect it to generate readable content on any subject.

The problem is that articles generated with IAW are not good enough to be used on your money sites, while they are not produced quick enough either to be a good fit for tier-2 or tier-3 article sites used for backlinking purposes.

Even though I own the tool, I am not using it on an everyday basis – most of the time, I prefer to either write articles from scratch or outsource the job to others. Still, if you’re convinced by the sales page or simply want to try it anyway, you risk only $7 in the trial period, so…

Get Instant Article Wizard now!

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