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In my work, I really strive for efficiency. Every few minutes I can save by automating things or making them easier, eventually add up to hours that I can use to build new projects.

When running blogs like this one, I spend more time than I wish I would, doing screen captures. Even though WordPress is pretty streamlined, adding images still takes too long, basically because I can’t just drag & drop them. But I’ve recently came across PicturePaste, a brilliant little tool that makes it so much easier that now I actually want to add even more images to blog posts.

The idea is really simple – any image you copy to your clipboard appears in PicturePaste. Using the tool, you can resize it in a single move, convert to jpeg or png, and send online – either to your own FTP / Amazon S3 account, or to PicturePaste hosting. This whole process takes less than reading the previous sentence.

What you get in return is a link ready to pasting into your WordPress editor, and the image will appear immediately. Combined with a convenient screenshot tool, this really accelerates the whole process.

Just have a look:

You can download PicturePaste for free, but it will be limited to 50 images.

If you want to purchase PicturePaste, you have two options:

  • PicturePaste Premium for $19.95 - no server configuration required, images are hosted by PicturePaste
  • PicturePaste Home for $9.95 - you’ll have to host the images on your own FTP of Amazon S3 account.

I would recommend you go for PicturePaste Home to retain more control over your images, just in case that the company behind the software goes out of business.
This concludes this little presentation – I strongly believe PicturePaste will become indispensable in my editorial process. So, don’t wait, just…

Download PicturePaste now

BTW, this is not an affiliate link.

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