Market Samurai keyword analysis explained

Market Samurai, the favorite tool of many fellow online marketers, has a very powerful keyword research and analysis module. What’s better, this particular module remains active even if you do not purchase a full version after your trial expires. Yes, you can get the most powerful keyword tool for free.
However, for newbies it may be [...]

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How to find exact match domains on autopilot?

With Google working as it works today, exact match domains can be a great contribution to your overall ranking efforts. But have you ever tried registering a domain with your selected keywords exactly as they are? Hell, it is difficult. At least, if you don’t have a proper system in place.
While on their own, exact [...]

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WP Spin review

A relative newcomer to the WordPress plugin scene, WP Spin is designed to help you avoid duplicate content issues, while at the same time keeping your content fresh.
How is WP Spin going to achieve these goals? By automatically spinning your content.
If you’re not familiar with content spinning, it is a process where you find synonyms [...]

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12 hot keyword research tools and services

Whether you love it or hate it, good keyword research is one of the first and most important steps in overall optimization to ensure your success online. You need refined keyword lists whether you manage SEO ¬†and content for your sites or your clients’ sites, and you need even larger keyword lists for PPC campaigns, [...]

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Accelerate proxy testing in Scrapebox

As great a tool that Scrapebox is Рan indispensable piece of software for many of us Рits default settings are not really optimized to make our work as time-efficient as it could and should be. It is perfectly illustrated by its proxy harvesting settings.
Please watch a mini video-tutorial below or read a description of [...]

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