Find aged PR2 domains with ScrapeBox

Whether you want to build an autoblog, develop an authority site or try your hand at one of the micro-niche sites, an aged domain with some PageRank will make your life a whole lot easier. The same applies if you want to build your own network of feeder blogs.

In a perfect world, you would always get PR4-PR5 domains for such purposes, but this is not easy today. Such domains are rather expensive (unless you get lucky), and usually you have to bid on them and wait until the bidding ends.

Sometimes, a PR2 domain will suffice, and such domains are readily available in large amounts – you just need to know where to look for them.

It may not come as a surprise that ScrapeBox will be your best friend again. Yet, many people are completely unaware of the powerful possibilities at their disposal, enabled by plugins for Scrapebox.

Step by step guide to finding good domains

ScrapeBox has a very effective plugin for scraping GoDaddy TDNAM auctions. These auctions are very convenient as you can get aged domains, often with PageRank, using the “Buy now” feature without waiting weeks for an auction to end.

However, the GoDaddy site is not very convenient: you can’t easily find a large number of domains with your keyword and a particular extension, you can’t easily check pagerank and age of domains, etc. All these problems are rectified by Scrapebox.

Here’s a walkthrough:

ScrapeBox addons

Install TDNAM scraper and fake PR checker from the addons menu.

1. Install Scrapebox TDNAM scraper addon

Open the Addons menu, click Show available addons and install the TDNAM scraper. This is the addon that we’ll use to get results from GoDaddy.

2. Install ScrapeBox Fake PR Checker

The steps are the same as above. This addon has two important benefits – it will save you from buying domains with faked PageRank, and it will also show you the actual PageRank of the valid domains.

3. Find raw “candidate” domains

Open the Addons menu and click on TDNAM Scraper which should be available now.

In the keyword field enter a keyword that your domain should include. It can be anything  - a full word, a partial word, or even a single letter. But be careful, with a single letter you can easily get close to 100,000 results which is not easy to manage without a very powerful computer and a very fast connection with hundreds of proxies.

You also have to decide whether you want to look for all extensions (.com, .net, .org and .info) or only some of them.

For this example, I’ll for “best” as my keyword and just .com domains. After clicking start and waiting just a few seconds, my screen looks like this:

ScrapeBox TDNAM scraper

With SB TDNAM scraper, you'll scrape GoDaddy auctions in a matter of seconds.

As you can see, ScrapeBox reports traffic that the domain gets naturally (don’t get too attached to this number), price and domain age. You can sort by any value by clicking on the column header.

In my example, I have 642 results. It’s time to click the Export button and export the results to ScrapeBox harverster.

4. Find the most valuable domains with valid PageRank

It’s time to use the second addon. Please activate the Fake Pagerank Checker from the Addons menu.

Very important – for this addon you must use proxies – use the built-in proxy harverster to generate a fresh list. Please see my tip on how to speed up finding proxies in Scrapebox.

Click Load URL’s and Load from ScrapeBox Harverster. This will load the results we just scraped.

Click Start and wait for the results to come in. After a while, your screen will look like this:

ScrapeBox fake pagerank checker

With SB fake pagerank checker, you will not be tricked into buying worthless domains.

Sort your results by pagerank (the PR column). Anything highlighted in red is fake PR, anything is green is valid PR. Domains in yellow have no PR at all and no cache.

Now look through all green domains with some PR and pick the ones you would be interested in registering.

5. Go to GoDaddy and get your domain

Go to GoDaddy auctions and type in your desired domain in the search box called “Find your domain”. Proceed from there to actually register it.

Just keep in mind that while you can the “Buy now” feature, the domain will not be released to you immediately. You will still have to wait several days before you can use the domain – it’s just how things work with buying expiring domains.

6. There’s no step no. 6 :-)

That’s it – rinse and repeat. Using this strategy, you can easily get a number of PR2 domains, and sometimes (but rarely) even PR3 domains. More importantly, you can very often find good domains with your particular keywords.

Happy hunting!

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I'm passionate about technology, especially SEO. I love how fast-paced this environment is. I also love numbers, finding hidden gems in statistics, and coming with unexpected solutions to typical problems.

3 Responses to Find aged PR2 domains with ScrapeBox

  1. Ash November 26, 2011 at 3:27 am #

    This is an awesome post man! I was just wondering how the fake pagerank checker in SB works? Any idea? What exactly constitutes a domain with fake PR and why does this PR even show up in the fiirst place?

    Sorry for all the questions, I am just curious as to how all of this works!


    • Marcin November 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

      Usually, PR is faked by means of a 301 redirect to a site which actually has some pagerank, and then some cloaking – showing a 301 permanent redirect to Google, and a regular site to regular visitors. If you google ‘How to fake pagerank”, you will find a detailed explanation.

      There are many ways to check if a domain’s PR has been fake. One way is to go to Google and search for, obviously replacing with something relevant for you. If the results which come up show a different domain, not, the PR has most likely been faked.

      • Ash November 28, 2011 at 6:31 am #

        Very interesting and rather blackhat! Thanks for the reply!

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