Combine Market Samurai with Scrapebox to find more keywords

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Market Samurai is still the go-to tool for most of us when it comes to keyword research. While based on a freely accessible source for its data (the Google Keyword Tool), it boasts a powerful set of features like its own network of proxy servers, good filtering capabilities and extensive analysis functions.

However, I’ve recently decided to run a quick experiment to find out if there was a quick and simple way to add way more targeted keywords than what Market Samura finds (800 if you’re logged in to you Adwords account).

Obviously, you can simply dig deeper in Market Samurai directly, taking the keywords it finds and using them as seed keywords for deeper searches. But I opted for another approach, with my trusted Scrapebox tool. Are you interested in my approach and results?

Market Samurai and Scrapebox = double power

For one of my newer sites, I wanted to research “wireless routers“. This is a niche with plenty of good keywords, so Market Samurai easily generated the maximum allowed by Google Keyword Tool, i.e. 800.

You can see the results below.


Market Samurai generates 800 keywords

In the second step, I fired up Scrapebox and launched keyword scrapers.

Scrapebox scraper sourcesIn the Select Keyword Scraper Sources, all options are active. “Wireless router” is my seed keyword.

In the first run, Scrapebox returned 73 keywords. While not impressive, it is just a beginning, as we are now about to do a second pass. I will copy all found keywords from the right column as seed keywords to my left column, and let Scrapebox do its job once again.

It will take a while, but generally, just a few minutes. Scrapebox is simply so much faster to work with than Market Samurai, it is quite refreshing. In my case, after removing duplicates, I was left with 939 new keywords. What’s important, they were all targeted, no garbage.

Scrapebox results

Yet, we still have to find out how many duplicates there are between MS and SB. Well, that is an easy part – when you paste more keywords to Market Samurai, it automatically deletes duplicates. So, let’s paste our SB results:

Whoa, 1652 keywords, meaning we have approximately twice as many keywords as with Market Samurai only. All targeted, many nice buying keywords, many long-tail phrases.

After importing keywords from Scrapebox

The greatest advantage of this approach, in my mind? Everyone is using GKT as their source of data, so everyone is competing for the same keywords. When you add less popular sources, you may discover many keywords which are low-hanging fruit, with noticeable traffic, but almost no competition.

If you have more tricks to find good keywords, please share them in the comments.

To your success!

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I'm passionate about technology, especially SEO. I love how fast-paced this environment is. I also love numbers, finding hidden gems in statistics, and coming with unexpected solutions to typical problems.

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  1. khaled de site pas cher January 1, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

    Hi, thats exactly why i use, a tip, you can be very effiscient if you scrap every letter after the keywords.
    For example you write in the keywords: wireless a, wireless b wireless c etc etc
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