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Rock-solid on-page SEO remains as important as ever, serving as a foundation for your backlinking strategies. With that in mind, Scott Blanchard, famous in some circles for his ClickBump method, has developed a new plugin for WordPress called ClickBump SEO!designed to help you optimize your individual posts. After using it for more than 2 months on a number of my blogs, I now feel confident I can share my opinion on this product with you in this review.

ClickBump SEO! – what can it do?

ClickBank SEO! editor screen

ClickBump SEO! gives you simple tips on how to immediately improve your content

Try imaging that you have a seasoned SEO veteran mentoring you while you write your content. That’s the simplest way to describe ClickBump SEO!

It’s an unobtrusive addition to your WordPress editor screen, providing helpful tips in real time and scoring your efforts in the 0-100 range. ClickBump SEO! follows some of the best practices recommended for optimizing your content. Let’s list them here:

  • Proper keyword density
  • Keyword phrase in the post title
  • H1, H2 and H3 headings with your keyword phrase
  • Keyword phrase in boldface or strong near the top of your content
  • Image with your keyword phrase in the alt text
  • Your keyword phrase in the first and last sentence
  • An internal link near the top of your content
  • Word count above a minimum level

Each time you save the draft of your post, ClickBump SEO! will evaluate all of the criteria above, showing you your final score together with a comment (for example “Needs Work!”). You only need to enter your primary keyword in a field provided by the plugin next to the editor window.

You will see exactly which areas need improvement – green thumb up shows that you’ve taken care of a particular optimization, while orange cones indicate areas which require your attention.

I must admit that ClickBump SEO! works flawlessly – it properly identifies my keyword phrases in the content, in headings and images, scoring them accordingly. It has become my new hobby – to ensure that I always get a score of 100 (or at least 90).

ClickBump SEO! and LSI (latent semantic indexing)

ClickBank SEO! can generate related keywords

Use ClickBump SEO! to find related keywords for your content (it's useful for LSI - latent semanting indexing)

This review would not be complete without mentioning a feature that I particularly enjoy, even though I have some other, more specialized tools.

ClickBump SEO! can be used to generate a number of keywords related to your primary keyword phrase. Try sprinkling them in to your content where logical, and you can easily multiply the number of keyword phrases that people find your article for. This feature is perfect because it fits so naturally with your workflow – there’s no need to switch windows to launch an external keyword tool – everything is right next to the editor. And it works instantly – just click the “Get LSI” button and the results are there.

You can also easily enter different primary keywords to get even more ideas.

ClickBump SEO! for batch post management

One of the nice features of ClickBump SEO! is that it shows a SEO! score in the Posts overview screen. You can immediately spot posts which would benefit from some additional optimization, and you can make progressive enhancements to your content.

This can actually be a strong selling point if you’re flipping sites. Just paste a screenshot showing that all posts on a site you’re selling have a score of at least 90, and you can safely claim that the site is well-optimized for search traffic.

On-site optimization with ClickBump SEO!

In addition to all of the above features, ClickBump SEO! has some features which work throughout your site.

First of all, it can add to all external links in your posts. I actually don’t recommend turning this setting on – Google may penalize sites with no do-follow external links.

However, there is a more specific setting which makes my life just a little bit easier – I used to achieve a similar result with some custom .htaccess settings. ClickBump SEO! can add to selected internal links, according to a path pattern. So, if you have cloaked affiliate links which are routed through, you can easily add tag to all links which include “recommended” in the path. It protects you from any penalties Google may impose for paid links.

ClickBump SEO! also has an option to clean category URLs. It simply removes the word “category”, so becomes It’s definitely an improvement for SEO and looks better.


Even if you’re a seasoned SEO pro, ClickBump SEO! still makes your life easier with LSI suggestions, category URL cleaning and adding to cloaked links. For everyone else, it makes creating well-optimized content which ranks on page 1 so much easier that I fully recommend you get it now.

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