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A live case study – how I build a niche site, part 2

For some background information, you may want to refer to my first post in this series. Since writing it, there have been some progress, albeit less than I would like to achieve.
Theme selected
In my first post, I was still unsure which WordPress theme I would eventually go with. Well, for now I’ve settled for HeatMap Pro [...]

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A live case study – how I build a niche site

Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself is to share with others what you’re doing. With this in mind, I’m going to report here my progress with building a niche site. Hopefully, this will also be of interest to some readers. This case study will be reported in several installments, depending on how I’m doing. [...]

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What’s stopping you from blogging consistently?

The plain truth is that to get a lot of organic traffic, you have to produce a lot of content. If you’re into building authority sites / blogs, it means you have to write consistently, preferably every day. Many people fail to achieve that, and I am no exception. What’s stopping you from adding new [...]

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Find aged PR2 domains with ScrapeBox

Whether you want to build an autoblog, develop an authority site or try your hand at one of the micro-niche sites, an aged domain with some PageRank will make your life a whole lot easier. The same applies if you want to build your own network of feeder blogs.
In a perfect world, you would always [...]

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SEO Competition analysis in Market Samurai

You’ve done your keyword research, you’ve identified some keywords and phrases within your niche which have the potential to bring traffic, but how difficult will it be to actually rank for them?
While the keyword research module in Market Samurai provides some basic competition data to research keywords in bulk, when you want to pick your [...]

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How to find exact match domains on autopilot?

With Google working as it works today, exact match domains can be a great contribution to your overall ranking efforts. But have you ever tried registering a domain with your selected keywords exactly as they are? Hell, it is difficult. At least, if you don’t have a proper system in place.
While on their own, exact [...]

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Accelerate proxy testing in Scrapebox

As great a tool that Scrapebox is Рan indispensable piece of software for many of us Рits default settings are not really optimized to make our work as time-efficient as it could and should be. It is perfectly illustrated by its proxy harvesting settings.
Please watch a mini video-tutorial below or read a description of [...]

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