A live case study – how I build a niche site, part 2

For some background information, you may want to refer to my first post in this series. Since writing it, there have been some progress, albeit less than I would like to achieve.

Theme selected

In my first post, I was still unsure which WordPress theme I would eventually go with. Well, for now I’ve settled for HeatMap Pro theme. This is a premium theme with some very nice features to have on an AdSense site.

I’m actually about to write a review of this theme in the nearest future.

Content development

I’ve also developed a first page of content for my site. It is now featured on a homepage (I’ve configured WordPress to use a static page as its homepage).

You may be interested in knowing how the content was developed. I’m by no means an expert in this niche, nor particularly interested in it.

Well, basically, I’ve just combined content from several sources, including Wikipedia and other article sites. I’ve taken bits and pieces from each, added some of my own paragraphs and sentences to make it flow easily, and then I’ve rewritten it entirely using The Best Spinner. Mind you, I didn’t go for the auto-rewrite. I selected my synonyms manually, and I’ve polished the final spun text.

The result – CopyScape reports there are no duplicates of my article. Good enough for me.

I’m also using the Easy WP SEO plugin for WordPress. I made sure that my SEO Score for that page was 100%, and keyword density for the main keyword around 2.50%.

Apart from my main keyword, I’ve also added some related keywords and phrases, generated using the LSI feature of Easy WP Seo and Market Samurai, just to make sure that my article is themed properly.

Next steps

There are many steps still ahead of me:

  • Header graphics
  • Pages required for AdSense, such as privacy policy, about us, contact us, etc.
  • More content
  • Further WordPress configuration – SEO plugins, plugins for sitemaps, installing Google Analytics, etc.
  • Writing more articles
  • Backlinking and promotion.
Hopefully, I will be able to make good progress tomorrow.

About Marcin

I'm passionate about technology, especially SEO. I love how fast-paced this environment is. I also love numbers, finding hidden gems in statistics, and coming with unexpected solutions to typical problems.

2 Responses to A live case study – how I build a niche site, part 2

  1. Benjamin October 5, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    I love case studies so I will be following along. I am very interested on your backlinking and off page seo process, so I am looking forward to future posts.

  2. SCP November 20, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    Great posts. I’ve just recently started getting into niche site creations. I’ve been using CTR theme for a while and have been happy with it. Ive been looking at Heatmap, but hesitant because CTR is so easy. I’ll be reading your Heatmap review in a few minutes.

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